Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Hydraulics & Pneumatics 

Hydraulics and Pneumatics are the most efficient types of power for machines. They are designed to rotate, turn, lower, lift, push, and move machines carrying huge loads. We offer a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic devices such as flowmeters, pressure gauges, level switches, etc.

HVH Industrial works with the specialized engineering teams of manufacturers to meet our customer's requirements and the highest quality standards. 

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What is Fluid Power

Fluid power is a phenomenon that occurs when a fluid is used to do useful work. The principle of fluid mechanics is that a fluid under pressure can produce an outward force on all the surfaces that act on the fluid. When the outward force acts on a cylinder or a piston, it can be utilized to do work. The main advantage of fluid power is that it can produce a significant force in a small device. An example of fluid power is a hydraulic cylinder, which is small enough to be held in one hand and can produce a huge force that can lift a vehicle. 


Fluid Power Visual

What is Hydraulics

Hydraulics is a technology that involves the mechanical properties of liquids and is used to control the transmission of pressurized liquids. A hydraulic system consists of a pump and uses valves to control the force and velocity of the actuators. Hydraulics systems can be traced back to the first century. Blaise Pascal, a French physicist, and inventor made important discoveries in the fields of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics and is attributed to the invention of the first hydraulic press.

What is Pneumatics

Pneumatics is a part of physics and engineering that is related to using compressed gas to transmit and control energy. Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria first discovered pneumatics when he created mechanical systems powered by wind and steam. Nowadays, pneumatics is used in mechatronics and manufacturing.

Products Offered


Hydraulic and pneumatic systems use valves to control the flow direction, rate of fluid flow, or fluid pressure.


Hydraulic Valve


Pressure and Temperature Control

Pressure and Temperature Controls help manage steam, air, and liquid systems safely and efficiently. They also ensure uninterrupted productivity by maintaining constant pressure or temperature for process control.


Pressure and Temperature Controls


Flow and Level Controls

Flow and level controls are mechanisms that regulate the flow and level of liquids. Level controls are used to monitor and measure the level of tanks in various industrial and commercial tanking systems. In contrast, flow controls are used for the flow measurement of liquids in the industry on various physical bases.


Flow and Level Control


Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative blowers, also known as side channel blowers or ring compressors, are widely used in many industrial processes that require efficient air or gas movement.

This type of blower has an impeller blade mounted inside a housing. As air passes the inlet port, impeller blades draw air in and accelerate the air outward. The air moves faster and faster as each impeller blade strikes it. At the housing base, an air stripper diverts the air out, reducing the speed and increasing the pressure.


Regenerative Blower


We offer a wide range of blowers, pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, temperature monitoring, temperature measurement devices, flow control, flow sensors, level monitoring, and level measurement devices.