Armstrong Intelligent Fluid Management System

Armstrong Intelligent Fluid Management System (iFMS)

Armstrong-produced closed-loop System combines HVAC chilled-water systems, boiler systems, cooling tower systems, or process water loops. The system includes superior pump-and-control technology in a single pumping solution providing compact and easy installation and superior energy performance.

This Intelligent Fluid Management System (FMS) is highly suitable for partial or all variable speed chilled-water plant applications (primary variable flow, variable secondary flow, and variable condenser water flow). In combination with Parallel Sensorless control, iFMS saves 30% or more energy over any other parallel pumping configuration available today.

The system can be both catalog-based pre-engineered solutions and designed to customer specifications.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 pumps in one unit

  • up to 60% in energy and carbon savings over traditional constant speed and variable frequency operated pumping installations

  • Parallel Sensorless control for an additional 30+% increase in energy efficiency over the standard pump-sequencing practice

  • Fast and easy installation

  • Long service life


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