Desmi Cargo Pumps NDW

Desmi Cargo Pumps NDW

NDW series of cargo pumps are energy-efficient pumping solutions for chemicals through CO2. The pump consists of three main components: base arrangement, pipe, and pump cylinder. The cylinder is designed for impellers and casings to meet the required head and capacity. The pipe stack consists of several intermediate pipes in which the cargo is transported to the outlet flange of the base arrangement. The intermediate shaft, which drives the impellers, is installed in the center of the pipe stack. Guide bearings support the shaft every 1.2 meters, which is also the length of the intermediate pipes in the pipe stack. The bearings are made of carbon and are lubricated by the cargo.

Key Benefits

  • Energy efficient

  • Optimized design

  • Stainless steel material

  • For higher pressure of cargo at the ship

  • For the temperatures down to -1040C





HVH Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor of Desmi.

We work closely with the Desmi engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support. 

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