WEG TEFC C Face Footless 3 Phase Brake Motors

WEG TEFC C Face Footless 3 Phase Brake Motors

The TEFC C Face Footless 3-Phase Brake Motor has Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) enclosure that shields the motor from contaminants like dust and moisture, while the integrated fan ensures efficient cooling, promoting longevity. The C Face mounting, with its standardized flange, streamlines installation and fosters compatibility with a range of machinery. Notably, the footless design deviates from traditional motor structures, offering alternative mounting options or relying on additional support structures for installation.

Operating on a three-phase power supply, the motor aligns with the efficiency and reliability standards common in industrial settings. Further enhancing its utility, the inclusion of a brake mechanism enables precise control over stopping or load-holding, proving essential in applications such as conveyor systems, cranes, or other machinery where meticulous control is paramount. 

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