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HVH Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor of C-Sert

C-Sert is a leading manufacturer of inserts to repair a thread permanently in heavy industrial applications where failure is unacceptable.

All C-Serts are self-tapping and self-aligning, with an integral die for truing up damaged or defective fasteners, left-handed external engagement threads, and a lifetime warranty against failure and tread wear.

Standard and metric are suitable for almost all repairs of OEM threaded holes. Also, they are thick enough to replace failed Heli-Coils, Keenserts, E-Z Locks, Hole Savers, and other brands.

At HVH, we work closely with the C-Sert engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

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C-Sert offers thread repair inserts which are a type of fasteners that are used for the permanent repair of damaged threads. The C-Sert threaded insert doesn't wear out as it is made up of hardened and double-tempered steel, making it harder and more robust than other types of threaded inserts. The internal threads of the C-Sert are so hard that no bolt inserted in it can damage them.  A C-Sert thread repair insert is easy to use as it is self-tapping, which means it taps its way in to create a tight interference fit into the threaded hole because it consists of slots at the bottom part that cut their way into the damaged part. No gaps, taps, springs, or glue can cause failure to the C-Sert insert. This metal-to-metal fit ensures that the C-Sert insert will not back out, pull out, or vibrate.  Also, C-Serts are self-guiding and go in the threaded hole straight nearly every time as a result of their smooth area, which acts as a guide. C-Sert inserts don't require high torque for installation because their cutting teeth with chip relief can be installed and removed with hand tools and medium-duty impact wenches. The main advantage of C-Sert inserts concerning other types of inserts is that they are permanent and will last as long as the equipment it's used on. 




C-Sert Installation Guide



C-Sert Minis, which are also called small diameter C-Serts, consist of a detachable guide to ensure they install straight.

C-Sert Mini Installation


C-Sert Specifications

Insert type: self-tapping
Means of securing: interference fit
Guide: an integral pilot
Guide clearance: .003-.004 under pilot hole diameter
Integral die: 3 to 6 cutting surfaces depending on the diameter
Internal threads: Inch: Class 2B, Metric: Class 6H

External thread type: left-handed
External thread profile: ACME
Metallurgy: S-7 tool steel
Hardness: 56 RC
Heat treat: through-hardened
Tempering: double draw