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Fachini is a manufacturer operating in all fields of industry where transmission parts are used, such as the agro-food industry, petrochemical industry, paper mills, cement work, steelworks, quarries, lifting equipment, and more. The company has over 100 years of experience developing special units for high torque and high-speed applications, including couplings, gears, speed reducers, various special units, ring gears, pinions, etc.

One of Fachini’s great ideas is producing a self-aligning pinion, an automatic device that compensates for misalignment. A device that helps keep the load evenly distributed on the entire width of the gear teeth and prevents any problems because of misalignment.

At HVH, we work closely with the Fachini engineering team to provide superior customer service and engineering support.

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Fachini is an Italian company that specializes in the design and production of gears and speed reducers. The company has a rich history that spans over a century, marked by innovation, technological advancements, and a commitment to excellence.

About Fachini

The story of Fachini began in 1904 when it was established as a small workshop in Bologna, Italy. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing precision gears for various industrial applications. With a strong emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, Fachini quickly gained a reputation for producing reliable and high-performance gears.

Over the years, Fachini continued to expand its product range and expertise. In 1911, the company introduced its first speed reducer, a small planetary reducer for agricultural machinery, which proved to be a significant milestone. These speed reducers, also known as gearboxes, played a crucial role in the efficient transfer of power and torque in industrial machinery.

Throughout the mid-20th century, Fachini experienced steady growth and became a leading supplier of gears and speed reducers in Italy. The company's commitment to innovation was evident in its continuous development of new technologies and manufacturing processes. 

In the 1980s, Fachini expanded its operations internationally, establishing a global presence and supplying its gears and speed reducers to customers worldwide. This expansion allowed the company to tap into new markets and collaborate with international partners, further strengthening its position in the industry.

Fachini Products

Fachini Gears

Fachini gears are meticulously engineered to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission. With precision-cut teeth and high-quality materials, they provide excellent load-bearing capacity and minimize power loss. These gears are extensively used in applications where accuracy, reliability, and quiet operation are crucial.

In the automotive industry, Fachini gears are utilized in transmissions to deliver power from the engine to the wheels efficiently. Additionally, they find applications in heavy machinery, robotics, and various other industries where reliable power transmission is essential.

Fachini Speed Reducers

Fachini speed reducers offer exceptional performance and versatility. By decreasing the rotational speed of the input shaft while increasing the torque output, they enable machinery to operate at desired speeds. This allows for improved control, precision, and efficiency.

Fachini Technology Advancements

As the demand for more advanced and specialized gear solutions grew, Fachini invested in research and development to create innovative products tailored to specific customer requirements. The company's dedication to customization, coupled with its technical expertise, enabled it to cater to a wide range of industries, including mining, manufacturing, automotive, energy, and robotics.

Electro-Welded Gear Wheels

Fachini is a leading company specializing in transmission parts technology. One of Fachini’s notable advancements is the design and production of electro-welded gear wheels, which have largely replaced traditional cast steel wheels. Fachini’s exclusive manufacturing process encompasses all stages, from design to final testing. The electro-welded gear wheels offer a significant advantage by featuring a toothed ring of perfectly uniform hardened and tempered alloy steel. These wheels undergo ultrasonic testing for utmost reliability and performance. To further enhance performance and reliability, Fachini’s self-aligning pinion is seamlessly integrated with the electro-welded gear wheels.

Self-Aligning Pinion

Another innovative solution from Fachini is their self-aligning pinion. Axial misalignment in gear units can lead to various issues caused by factors such as improper bearing installation, bearing supports with incorrect tolerance, temperature fluctuations, and shaft elastic deformation. Any misalignment can result in irregular gear wear, vibrations, abnormal noises, as well as potential jamming and breakages.

To overcome these challenges, Fachini developed and patented an automatic device several decades ago that effectively compensates for misalignment. This device ensures even distribution of the load across the entire width of the gear teeth, thereby preventing the aforementioned problems.

Industries such as manufacturing, mining, and material handling heavily rely on Fachini speed reducers to optimize their processes. The high torque capacity, compact design, and reliable performance of these speed reducers make them ideal for these applications.


In summary, Fachini's century-long legacy of innovation, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction makes it a trusted name in the gears and speed reducers industry. As technology continues to advance, Fachini remains committed to pushing boundaries, meeting evolving customer needs, and driving progress in the field of power transmission.