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Svendborg Brakes designs and manufactures braking solutions. Founded in 1884, the company provides hydraulic brakes and power units, soft braking controls, and couplings. They strive to be the preferred provider of these products and solutions to industries within the fields of renewable energy, mining, cranes, and oil & gas.

Svendborg offers different products: hydraulic brakes, soft braking options, couplings, yaw systems, thruster brakes, rotor locks, brake discs, and service tools.

HVH Industrial is an authorized distributor for Altra Motion companies and offers brakes and clutches from  StromagFormsprag ClutchWarner ElectricMarland ClutchMatrix InternationalStieber, and Inertia Dynamics.

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History of Svendborg Brakes

Svendborg Brakes has a rich history that spans over a century. Established in 1884 as a machine manufacturing company, they initially catered to the needs of various industrial enterprises. However, a significant turning point came in 1989 when they acquired the rights to produce disc brakes from Hägglunds Drives. This marked a shift in their focus, leading to a name change that reflected their specialization.

In 1990, Svendborg Brakes achieved a milestone by delivering its first set of brakes to customers in the mining industry. Recognizing the potential of the emerging wind industry, they ventured into this sector the following year. As their operations continued to expand, they established their German business in 1999, followed by Spain in 2000, the United States in 2002, and China in 2007. Embracing a global mindset, Svendborg Brakes understands the importance of being in close proximity to their customers, regardless of the location of their projects. This commitment to customer proximity has led them to set up manufacturing facilities in Denmark, China, and Brazil, along with offices in Denmark, Germany, China, the USA, Australia, Korea, South Africa, Chile, and Spain.

Today, Svendborg Brakes is a renowned global player in the industry, combining a long-standing tradition with a forward-thinking approach. With a strong presence in multiple countries and a diverse range of products, they continue to serve their customers' braking needs across various sectors, contributing to the efficiency and safety of industrial operations worldwide.

Svendborg Brakes Products

Svendborg Brakes offers a diverse range of products and technologies that cater to different industrial applications. Let's explore some of their core offerings:

Hydraulic Brakes

Svendborg Brakes specializes in hydraulic brakes that provide exceptional power and precise control. These brakes are designed to handle high loads and provide reliable stopping power, making them ideal for heavy machinery and equipment. With advanced features such as adjustable braking torque and fail-safe options, Svendborg's hydraulic brakes ensure optimal safety and operational efficiency.

Soft Braking Controls

In applications where a gentle and smooth braking action is required, Svendborg's soft braking controls excel. These controls allow for gradual deceleration, preventing sudden jolts and minimizing wear and tear on the machinery. By optimizing the braking process, soft braking controls contribute to increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and improved overall operational performance.


Efficient power transmission is vital for the smooth functioning of industrial equipment. Svendborg Brakes offers a range of high-quality couplings that enable seamless power transmission between rotating shafts. These couplings are designed to handle high torque, compensate for misalignments, and dampen vibrations, ensuring reliable and efficient operation of machinery in various industries.

Yaw Systems

As renewable energy gains prominence, wind turbines play a crucial role in harnessing clean power. Svendborg Brakes understands the unique braking requirements of wind turbines and provides specialized yaw systems. These systems enable precise control and alignment of the rotor, ensuring optimal wind capture and maximizing energy production.

Thruster Brakes

When it comes to heavy-duty machinery, having reliable stopping power is essential for operational safety. Svendborg's thruster brakes offer robust and dependable braking solutions for applications such as cranes, hoists, and mining equipment. With their high torque capacity, quick response time, and durability, these brakes provide the necessary control and security in demanding environments.

Rotor Locks

Rotor locks are critical for ensuring the safety of wind turbines during maintenance or in high-wind conditions. Svendborg Brakes manufactures reliable rotor locks that securely hold turbine blades in place, preventing unintended rotation. This enhances the safety of maintenance personnel and protects valuable equipment, safeguarding the integrity of wind farms.

Brake Discs

Svendborg's brake discs are engineered to withstand extreme conditions and deliver exceptional braking performance. Designed with precision and durability in mind, these discs offer excellent heat dissipation, reducing the risk of brake fade and ensuring consistent performance over extended periods. With a wide range of sizes and configurations, Svendborg's brake discs cater to diverse industrial applications.

Service Tools

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of braking systems, regular maintenance is crucial. Svendborg Brakes provides a comprehensive range of service tools designed specifically for its products. These tools facilitate efficient maintenance, inspection, and adjustment of braking components, enabling customers to uphold the reliability and efficiency of their equipment.

Applications of Svendborg Brakes

Svendborg Brakes' innovative braking solutions have found wide-ranging applications across various industries. Let's explore some of the key sectors where their products are extensively utilized:

Wind Energy

With the global shift towards renewable energy, wind turbines have become a prominent source of electricity generation. Svendborg Brakes' braking systems play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of wind turbines. By providing reliable braking force and advanced control features, these systems enable turbine manufacturers and operators to maximize energy production while maintaining high safety standards.

Marine and Offshore

The marine and offshore industries demand reliable and efficient braking systems to ensure the safety of vessels, offshore platforms, and other maritime applications. Svendborg Brakes' diverse range of braking solutions caters to these requirements, providing superior performance and durability in harsh marine environments. From ship braking systems to dynamic positioning solutions, Svendborg Brakes has established itself as a trusted partner in the maritime industry.

Mining and Minerals

In the mining and minerals industry, where heavy machinery and equipment are constantly in motion, reliable braking systems are crucial to maintaining safety and control. Svendborg Brakes' hydraulic braking systems offer the necessary stopping power and control for large haul trucks, crushers, and conveyors. These robust braking solutions enable mining operations to optimize productivity while ensuring the well-being of personnel and equipment.

Industrial Machinery

Svendborg Brakes' braking systems are extensively employed in various industrial machinery applications. From steel mills and paper machines to cranes and elevators, their braking solutions provide precise control, quick response times, and high reliability. By offering tailor-made braking solutions for specific industrial processes, Svendborg Brakes contributes to improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced worker safety.


With a legacy spanning over a century, Svendborg Brakes has established itself as a leading provider of braking solutions across various industries. Their hydraulic brakes, soft braking controls, couplings, yaw systems, thruster brakes, rotor locks, brake discs, and service tools embody the company's commitment to excellence, reliability, and safety. By continuously innovating and meeting the evolving needs of their customers, Svendborg Brakes remains at the forefront of braking technology