Offset Links

Offset Links

Offset links also known as half links or crank links, are essential when an odd number of chain links is needed. They come in two main types: the one pitch offset link (OL) and the two pitch offset link (2POL). The OL consists of a pin and two plates that are slip fit, with a fatigue strength 35% lower than the chain itself. In contrast, the 2POL combines a roller link and an offset link connected by a rivet pin, offering the same fatigue strength as the base chain.

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MPN up up up Brand up Price up
Renold-80A1S12I Renold $15.40
Renold-80A2S12I Renold $35.18
Renold-80A3S12I Renold $52.59
Renold-80A4S12I Renold $81.12
Renold-25A1S12I Renold $6.80
Renold-35A1S12I Renold $4.15
Renold-35A2S12I Renold $10.18
Renold-35A3S12I Renold $15.92
Renold-40A2S12I Renold $14.00
Renold-40A3S12I Renold $17.44
Renold-40A4S12I Renold $28.94
Renold-41A1S12I Renold $3.89
Renold-50A1S12I Renold $5.90
Renold-50A2S12I Renold $16.38
Renold-50A3S12I Renold $22.77
Renold-50A1SSS12I Renold $18.02
Renold-60A1S12I Renold $7.75
Renold-60A2S12I Renold $18.27
Renold-60A3S12I Renold $30.92
Renold-60A1SSS12I Renold $25.05
Renold-06B-Offset-Link Renold $4.62
Renold-06-2B-Offset-Link Renold $8.83
Renold-08B-Offset-Links Renold $5.42
Renold-100A1S12I Renold $25.05
Renold-100A2S12I Renold $56.48
Renold-100A3S12I Renold $87.02
Renold-100A4S12I Renold $142.58
Renold-10B-Offset-Link Renold $7.14
Renold-10-2B-Offset-Link Renold $15.54
Renold-120A1S12I Renold $31.09
Renold-120A2S12I Renold $72.47
Renold-120A3S12I Renold $109.29
Renold-12B-Offset-Link Renold $10.05
Renold-12-2B-Offset-Link Renold $21.65
Renold-16B-Offset-Link Renold $15.55
HKK-16-2B-Offset-Link HKK Chain $13.58
HKK-40HP-0L HKK Chain $17.00
HKK-60-OL HKK Chain $5.28
Renold-200A1S12I Renold $159.35
HKK-60-2-OL HKK Chain $11.89
HKK-50-3-OL HKK Chain $6.27
Renold-140-3-OL Renold $151.48
HKK-50-OLSS HKK Chain $11.79